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Thread: The Toshiba laptop external FDD port "FDD Attachment Case"

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    Default The Toshiba laptop external FDD port "FDD Attachment Case"

    So I have a Pentium Toshiba laptop and I wanted an external FDD, and had a bit of difficulty getting one so I'll show you guys what I found.

    There are four or five different models of Toshiba FDD cases, but as far as I can tell there are only two types of connectors. This is the 17mm connector:

    And this is the 20mm connector:

    I'm not sure which is newer, my guess is of course the 17mm. My 225CDS uses the 20mm. Several of the cases look like the drives they contain are compatible, they just don't have the right fit of connector on the laptop end. My drive looks like this:

    And I have seen it with both connector types, so I think they started making that model in 20mm and switched it to 17mm later. Here is a comparison:

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    Some of those external floppy drive cases also accommodated a cd-rom drive, I believe the PA2611U case fitted the 225CDS and could accommodate a floppy drive or cd-rom drive.

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    Thank you. Accordingly, I have added some dimensions to the photo at [here] that I have of an FDD attachment case that suits the Toshiba 430CDT.


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