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Thread: PEP Flash RAM card

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    Default PEP Flash RAM card


    I found this PEP Flash RAM card and I'm looking for the meaning of the dipswitches.
    Does anybody have this information?
    Many thanks in advance!

    Kind regards, Ruud Baltissen

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    I found a reference to settings in a Cisco used PEP flash card but the one I found has 5 switches instead of 8 like yours. Maybe further searches of Cisco documentation could locate information of the card you have.

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    Hallo Krebizfan,

    The card came out of a CISCO PIX Classic. I found a lot of references to the card, even info on how the switches should be set. But no actual meaning so far

    But it is ISA and I think that the extra RAM is handled like EMS. I think that I will fill all FRAMs with some specific data and then will hunt for this data. If found, then the next hunt will be for the I/O ports. The end goal: using it like a silicon disk in my Commodore PCs.

    Kind regards, Ruud Baltissen


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