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Thread: Request for responsive Web design

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    Default Request for responsive Web design

    Are there any plans please to update the forum to be more mobile browser friendly? If you need funds for a vbulletin update then I for one would make a small donation

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    Is the current mobile style not any good? To me everything on a mobile is like trying to stroke a cat thru a letterbox. I can't work it at all. What would interest me would be a textmode interface, you could post from a vt100 etc. Though I'm not sure it would be worth the effort, or would just be a PITA for the mods.
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    For some reason I see a normal desktop interface, in MS Edge on Windows 10 mobile, but it works very well for me unlike many mobile oriented sites so I'm happy.

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    It works pretty well for me, in spite of the wasted space on screens. The search function has always been deficient, but one can use Google to satisfy that need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mR_Slug View Post
    Is the current mobile style not any good?
    Thanks, I didn't have it enabled. On my Android phone I have to zoom in to read the subject of each thread, and then scroll around as the text doesn't flow (like it does on a responsive web page). I see at the bottom of each page there is a drop down menu currently set to 'vb4 Default style', I will try toggling this (hadn't spotted it until today - doh!)


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    We already have a license to VB5 which has better mobile accessibility and has a bunch of newer features. This software is getting a bit long in the tooth.

    The plan is to upgrade to the new version sometime this summer. Hopefully.

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