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Thread: Recognize this?

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    Default Recognize this?

    I was flipping through photo albums my parents have and came across our first "family" computer.

    486 SLC2 50MHz, 8 MB EDO RAM, 250 MB Connor (I think) HDD of some sort, 2400 baud modem, Sound Blaster 16 /w a Sound Blaster CD (single speed that required caddies), 1.44 MB 3.5" FDD, onboard video that, I think, would do up to 1024x768 but I could remember wrong.

    Monitor was a Sampo AlphaScan Plus of some revision.

    I believe the printer was an Epson dot-matrix of some vintage. I remember all the documentation my dad had showed the thing printing color, but ours only took a black ribbon.

    The computer has an IBM badge but I'm pretty sure it's a fake badge. Curious if anyone recognizes the case and can recall anything about it.

    A&W 1994 3 copy.jpg A&W 1994 2 copy.jpg A&W 1994 1 copy.jpg

    EDIT: For slightly better image quality:
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    That was a pretty nice configuration back in the day. Brings back the memories. Dang, computer setups were so ugly back then!

    It may say "IBM" but that's nowhere close to the IBM striped logo. Looks like a typical custom/generic build to me.

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    agree looks like a home made unit.

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    486SLC motherboards were made by IBM and advertised as such. I don't know if IBM prepared a special case badge for the 486SLC like they did for the Blue Lightning. Rather an unfortunate idea, manufacturing the bottom end clones that were destroying IBM's PC business and ensuring that everyone knew IBM was the manufacturer.

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    The case "slightly" looks like the PS/2 line (Slightly angled top cutting back into the case a little over halfway down), but I don't remember seeing a desktop-style case with an internally-mounted CD-drive. CD-drives were relatively new in PC's during the 486slc's heyday (CD drives becoming commonplace in about '93---just before the time Pentiums were starting to come to fruition). Given that, then I'd say the IBM badge is an add-on. Only exception might be in the Aptiva line, but the cases for most of those were pretty much "square rectangular boxes"---and the first of those were towers, not desktops and the IBM logo was "etched" and not a "badge". Possible that it's one of the obscure models though...

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    The printer looks like Epson ActionPrinter 3150 (the clone of the Epson LQ-100). But the case and mechanics was used in similar models too (LQ-100+, LX-100, and ActionPrinter clones of them).

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    Is it an IBM SLC2-50, or is the Cyrix version?
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