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Thread: New to Macs; which network card is this?

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    Default New to Macs; which network card is this?

    Thanks for the help.


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    It's a PDS network card for either an SE/30 or IIsi. Given that it has a passthrough connector, probably SE/30 so you can stack additional cards on top (but I've seen some people do some creative card origami with a IIsi and right-angle adapters.)

    I couldn't say what brand, there were a lot of cards that look very similar to that one.

    Here're a bunch of network drivers for different cards. Look for the SE/30 drivers. You could just try them out until one works. Often the cards were pretty generic and would work without any special software other than what Apple provided. Some, however, required special software (such as the Dyana cards.)

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    That card will likely work with the built-in Apple Ethernet drivers as it uses a National Semiconductor DP8390.


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