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Thread: Ibm pc at parity check

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    I swapped out the system board and it seems to be working fine, however it only detects 2048K when it counts instead of the usual 2560K. Any ideas why? It’s not too much of an issue but I’d prefer to have that little bit of extra RAM.

    EDIT: Even with new RAM, a new motherboard, new ROMs, and only the essential cards required for running the PC, the error still occurs. Is this even possible? Could it be the FDD controller? The processor? One of the drives somehow? This is basically a new computer now. I could get a new 80286 off of eBay if I need to, but is it even possible that that is the issue? I’m pretty sure that it could possibly be the hard drive. I have another CMI 6426 that I could test with, but it doesn’t have any software and drivers I need. If that’s the issue I could do that painstakingly slow process of moving files by floppy disk.
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