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Thread: Is a TI-99/4A worth it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ksarul View Post
    Looking at the keytops on your beige keyboard, that is almost certainly a Mitsumi (membrane keyboard, the worst TI keyboard ever). What is funny about these is that at the beginning, everyone wanted them because they were really solid when it came to operating exactly as designed.
    Thanks for the info on the Finalgrom. I've been keeping an eye out for one at a reasonable price but not much luck (and hasn't been a high priority with all my other systems), but I'm not sure I want to get a 32k module plus the finalgrom so maybe the regular flashrom 99 is fine.

    Funny on keyboard for the beige PC. I actually got it and the silver one together figuring they wouldn't work so i could make one good one between the two, but they both ended up working. I was planning on just selling the beige one, but they go for such little money that it wasn't even worth my effort to deal with ebay or the post office, so its just boxed up as a spare.
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    A spare console is good if you're planning on keeping a TI system running long term. I reduced my three good consoles down to two working yesterday when I must've briefly shorted somethng in the sidecar disk controller I've been trying to fix. Looks like I blew out the VDP TMS9918A. So out came a backup and I was back in business, trying to be more careful!

    My beige unit has one of the better keyboards, but with gray keycaps. Could be long ago I swapped in a black one and simply changed it to the gray keys. Can't rightly recall what it came with originally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vwestlife View Post
    although if you want to expand it into a disk system, the Peripheral Expansion Box is scarce and ungainly.
    I had a a decked out TI99/4A with a TI99/4 Bus Expander and the voice synthesizer around 10 years ago. I could never get the bus expansion unit to work, it would cause the TI99/4A to lock up when connected and no amount of cleaning or swapping around cards inside the bus expansion unit made it work.

    If I remember right, it had a 48k memory expansion and possibly some serial/parallel port cards.

    I wasn't really that interested in TI stuff and sold the whole lot on Ebay. The bus expansion unit went for I think $240 even when I listed it as "not working, parts only".


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