Dear Amigans,

After the initial batch of Amiga 1200 replacement cases, a second run (1000+ cases) was ordered by our Retail & Distributions partners Amiga on the Lake (for the North Americas), AmigaStore (for the European Union) and A-EON / AmigaKit (for the United Kingdom).

These are in the colors "Amiga Technologies White", "CDTV Midnight Black" and "Translucent".

Earlier this week we received notifications that the shipments for the UK and the European Union have been shipped and are on the high seas. For the North Americas the shipment is ready for the US Forwarder to collect such that they can be on their merry way soon as well.

Meanwhile the production of the CD32 cases with our Case Manufacturing partner is well underway. Once completed, images will be sent to us such that we can share these with you.

our Amiga Keycaps replacements manufacturing partner (different from the case manufacturer) is also well underway. We are aware of the fact that it took too long for our liking, but we are happy to see that this project is now at full steam and nearing completion as well.

With the Amiga 500 case project underway, we will of course do another Amiga Keycaps replacement campaign with a lower fixed goal and a much faster turn-around time as the injection moldings creation is the most time consuming part.

We will keep you posted and would like to ask your attention once more for our Amiga 500 Case Campaign.. we need your support to make it work!

New Amiga 500 Cases

The A1200NET Project Team