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Thread: Reactive Micro Transwarp GS Preorders

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    Well in a way I've never really seen the novelty of accelerators for the Apple II. Most applications seemed fast enough on stock hardware, the exception being GS/OS but that was understandable. It just seems like either a peripheral for long obsolete software packages or for hotrodding. Can't completely blame the RDF on this one.
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    According for the eBay prices, its a bargain. The New boards are coming with new chips, new solder, just like our last run that we did a few years back. I wish it would be much cheaper but the design is SO expensive to make/build that its impossible for a 5 layer board like this to get much cheaper. Would be nice if there was a way to make it cheaper...because we would!

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    The benefit to these new boards is that simply they are new, with newer chips, and new solder that isn't cracked and they come tested to the hilt! When you buy used, you don't know what and who was handling them...were they being static safe?

    Our modifications allow for these boards to generally get over 16MHz with stability and even higher. I've got one that does over 20MHz and have posted pics of it on my forum. Needless to say, the design was a very expensive design and in its current state, its very difficult to manufacture this 5 layer board much cheaper and not have any profit margin at all.

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    Looking forward to it. Any ballpark estimate when we can expect our orders?

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    Its interesting reading through the comments here. I purchased two of the ReActiveMicro units, and I think $399 is a VERY reasonable price. As others have indicated, the prices for used AE TransWarpGS units is astronomical and, in my opinion, they are not worth that kind of money. But, things are worth what someone is willing to pay you for it and if someone is desperate to get it, they will pay for it. So when I get my ReActiveMicro units, I'll put my AE units up for sale and if someone is willing to give me $800 for a 30-year old chunk of electronics, I'm willing to take it.

    I applaud Henry & ReActiveMicro for bringing this product to market. If it was easy and cheap to do, it would have been done long ago, but it isn't and wasn't. I actually think $399 is on the cheap side.

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    If you say so Mr moneybags...


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