I have here one fine California Computer Systems Model 2210 S-100 system with a full configuration of CPU, 64K static RAM and parallel/serial ports and floppy controller.

The configuration includes:

CCS 2810A Z-80 CPU with integrated RS-232 port and front panel controller connector socket
Lomac 136 000 010 (REV 0) 32K static memory
(2) Dynabyte 2801612-4 16K Static Memory
CCS 2719 2 Serial/2 Parallel (REV B)
CCS 2422 Multimode Floppy Disk Controller (REV B)
CCS 2704 Terminator (REV C)
Processor Technology EXB S-100 bus extender

The system powers up, passes the smoke test with flying colors, and everything looks and sounds healthy. I'm still attempting to make contact with the boot ROM, will update when it passes around the dark side of the moon.

The case is in excellent condition, other than a long scratch that runs along the top of the lid along with some other moderate to minor marks. It is extremely clean inside and the boards are all clean and dust free.

Photos are here:


BTW, note the address on the back label: 250 Caribbean Drive, Santa Clara, California. Fun fact: that happens to be right down the street from WeirdStuff (RIP).

I'm asking $650 or best offer.