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Thread: Just In Today! 8-Track Player!

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    Wal-Mart still has a shoebox-style cassette recorder, under their "Onn" brand, for $25. You can also find it sold online branded as a Jensen.

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    Just finished cleaning it.

    Solenoid and head were already surprisingly clean, like the first qutips from them came back almost as white as an unused one. So I just did a tiny bit of “just in case cleaning” for the solenoid and head.

    The capstan though was very dirty, it took 20 or more qutips, until it started coming back white, but I got it cleaned in the end.

    The unit is still obviously working, but I checked the belt, seems good just a little loose. Already found a replacement belt on eBay, so I’ll be getting one in soon.

    I also heard very noticeable cross talk, so I adjus the head alignment through the screw on the bottom, and now no cross talk at all.

    Cleaned, aligned, and good to go!
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