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Thread: IBM PS/2 Model 53 - Hangs when exiting WFW 3.11

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    Question IBM PS/2 Model 53 - Hangs when exiting WFW 3.11

    Background on configuration: I am running an IBM PS/2 Model 53 (9553-0B7) . It has been upgraded to 16MB RAM with an added MicroChannel 3Com Etherlink/MC (3C523) ethernet adapter. Software and OS running DOS 6.22, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Norton Desktop 3.0 for Windows, and Norton Utilities 8.0. Using Cirrus Logic GD5422 GD5424 Windows 3.1 Drivers v1.50. For networking, I am using Microsoft TCP/IP-32 version 3.11b. The system works perfectly, with one exception...

    Question: When I exit Windows and try to return to DOS prompt the system hangs. I feel like it might be a display driver issue or a hardware conflict of some sort. Does anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions or ideas on what might be causing this problem?

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    You tried unloading drivers one by one until you find the one that causes things to hang? Could the TCP stack be going weird when Windows exits?
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    Its my recollection that WFW3.11 was prone to this. Our IRMA cards (IBM co-ax terminal controllers) seemed to cause it to happen. Just fiddle with the drivers as Next says..

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