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Thread: T-398 3-digit mhz turbo speed display

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    Default T-398 3-digit mhz turbo speed display

    Hi, I've got one of those mhz speed displays with turbo button capability. The model # is T-398. I cannot find documentation on this board anywhere. I have been able to change some of the numbers on the 3-digit display simply through trial and error, but I cannot get the hundreds digit to display a 0 for non-turbo and a 2 for turbo. It's extremely frustrating. Does anyone possibly have documentation for the jumper settings? That would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Welcome to these forums.

    The diagrams at [here] show that the makers of these LED units were very consistent in their implementation; a jumper for each segment, of four possible settings. Once you see the pattern, you may be able to figure out the specific settings for your unit.

    And if you do work it out, or if someones posts the information, I will add it to the web page.

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