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    Default Customs Declaration

    So I've been working on getting my childhood Atari ST working again and I ordered a chip for it... This was the customs Declaration, I was a bit offended... Hahaha..


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    I had the tough one the other week.
    How do you declare a folded cardboard box?
    No really. I had to mail someone the box to ship something so it was a cardboard box I had collapsed and taped so it would stay flat in shipping. I had to say "shipping supplies" because everything else got my brain stuck in a paradox.
    = Excellent space heater

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    Apparently the UK is a bit of a pain with duty charges when shipping old computer parts. I've seen people say to mark it as "computer parts for repair" or something like that to avoid getting charges duties on stuff they are fixing and shipping back. Any time I've shipped parts overseas, I marked it as "used computer parts".


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