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Thread: Electric Crayon

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    Default Electric Crayon

    Someone has one for sale. Not my cup of tea, but if you really want one:

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    I hope someone here bought it
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    Surprised that that one went so quickly.

    I've got one that works and doesn't have all the holes crudely drilled in the top of the case. It also has the original on/off switch still in the back and not rewired to the front.

    Typed in the demo programs from the 80Micro review article (1/81, pg 68 ) Been meaning to do a write up on it.


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    From the photos, it looks like it was modified a bit. I had one of these back in the early 1980s, and I do recall that it got pretty hot to the touch. It appears that the owner's solution was to drill a matrix of ventilation holes in the top of the unit. I think the front-mounted switch was also a modification from the original...mine had a rocker power switch in the back.

    I used to give PowerPoint-like presentations with mine, before PowerPoint was a thing. It was pretty easy to program (through the Expansion Interface line printer port, as I recall) using "EGOS" commands.

    If anyone has a physical or scanned version of the Electric Crayon manual, I'd be interested in revisiting the EGOS command set.

    Based on the auction results, it looks like the "value" of this thing has held up pretty well. I paid $310 for a unit with 6K RAM back when it was new (in 1981, I think).


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