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Thread: Tandy 1000 Series Expansion Bay

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    I recall the 40meg XT/IDE drives for the TL/3 were about $400 when I bought one from Tandy, and I seem to recall DCS selling their HX drive system for about that...and I think Howard Medical sold theirs for a little more since it used an external drive. This was the early/mid 90's though after the EX/HX had been out for a while.

    When I purchased my HX new in early 1988, I paid right around $1200.00 for the HX, memory card up to 640k, internal 1200bps modem, CM-11 monitor, Tandy monitor stand that went over the HX, and the external 5-1/4" floppy drive. Later I added an internal serial card, and a Star Micronics LV-2010 printer. The printer was a discontinued model and I got it from an ad in Computer still cost me around $400.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent Orange View Post
    I imagine the cost of that setup was more than the HX itself?
    I think he got the whole thing second hand. I found an old post about it:
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