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Thread: Bell & Howell Apple II

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    They do teeter on Apple IIs. Mine is a non-backpack early model with a serial number of A2S3-001604. It has a Rev 4 motherboard and transitional raised keyboard. I need to redo the pics but there were pics from the ad when I bought it.

    Pics here:

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    Wow there a lot more posts here than I expected! Iíll add a picture with the serial when I get home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorkbert View Post
    Earlier B&H were not shipped with backpack. The game ports were relocated to the right because the addition of the backpack obstructed access to the internal game port socket. Flip the unit over and post pic of the serial number tag.
    Done And Done

    Serial : a2s3-034578
    Board : 4482
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