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Thread: Serial/Dumb Terminal

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    Typing this on a Modgraph GX-2000 terminal; thinking about hardware I have round here that would work if I didn't have an ordinary serial terminal: An Amiga 500 (ha! probably just as affordable as a dumb terminal) running Termite makes one heck of a terminal. Alls you needs is a composite monitor. Colour if you want a colour terminal, but monochrome if you want high resolution (for 132x24 character mode, for example). Termite on floppy boots in a reasonable amount of time, and the A500 is huge but self-contained (except for the power brick). Of course, you get all the features of a smart terminal and then some, too.

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    The kit seems like a gerat backup idea if I dont find anything else, however I will be posting in the wanted section first to see if I can get my hands on a traditional terminal first.

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