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Thread: Express FM Radio Card (8-bit ISA)

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    Default Express FM Radio Card (8-bit ISA)

    Just got in that Express FM RADIO CARD I ordered a few days ago from ebay.

    It is/was new old stock, packaged with everything, including driver floppy, audio cable, and dipole antenna.

    It's the same as those Aztech Sound Galaxy FM Tuner cards made for Packard Bell.

    I installed it on my Compaq Prolinea 4/66 (486DX2 66MHZ).

    It was a PITA to install, mainly because it was hard to seat properly in the ISA slot (this is an 8-bit ISA card).

    Once I got it in and tested it, I got no sound. I tried connecting the audio cable to my Sound Blaster 16's line in, and it worked then. The user guide is misleading because it said the audio cable is optional, but you won't get sound otherwise, and without sound, what's the point of picking up radio frequencies?

    Anyways, this is good with both Windows 3.1 and 95.

    I don't know if it will work with 3rd party software or not, but not a big deal for me, this software has everything I need.

    Luckily so far, I've only listened to classic rock stations, there's quite a few in the Niagara Area, actually, so I never exposed such a good vintage machine to Justin Bieber, and I hope it will never be!

    Here's some photos and video for my fellow peeps!

    P.S: Those wires on my wall you see on one of the photos, is the Dipole Antenna, which connects to a port on the card. Without the antenna, obviously it would be able to pick anything up.

    Some video:

    Oh and before I forget.... for all you packard bell haters....

    this was in the bag with the antenna:

    My Packard Bell has never given me any problems which were it's fault, the Packard Haters can stuff it! :

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    That's amazing. I was totally speculating on it being a Packard Bell part because of the OEM and I hit the nail on the head.
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