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Thread: Strange issue with New Percom Doubler

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tibs View Post
    Yeah, I sat up for a few hours brainstorming this. When you get in the weeds you lose all sense of where you are and where you've been in testing.

    Then once I rule out the external drive adapter/drives I'll focus on the EI (and I can switch it with a MISE).
    Er, did yhou mean a MIRE?


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    No, I mean the MISE, the MIRE wouldn't really solve my issue since it works flawlessly. Its the real expansion interface and doubler and hard drive that aren't playing nice.

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    With my bench model 1 same issue. With a new EI same issue. So I flipped EI over and issue went away

    I think it might be the cpu to EI cable bad

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    Ok, I put the whole thing back together original parts, change the EI cable (From CPU) and it appears to be working now. I think the System Desk might have caused this, because I routed the cable under the wood and it might have pulled the wires from the pins a little, dunno. I'll fiddle with it later. The ground wire for the shield did break on one side, and that could very well be the part that got it all just right (or wrong).

    Of course, I cant get a sysgen disk to work, but that has happened before in the past. Dont remember how I fixed it, but I'll get it. Hard drive works but I'm so not typing in all those commands every boot hahahaha

    I can sysgen stuff, but the HD whether its drive 0 or not, just reboots to level 2 rom as soon as it loads the configuration.

    I had this happen one time before, I might have a bad disk at this point with all the crap I've been doing. I'll make a new master from scratch.

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    Oh, and FreHD is dead, needs a new PIC. I guess I'll program in another one.


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