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Thread: GUS card not found

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    Default GUS card not found

    Hi Guys,

    I have a Q: I've bought a GUS Classic from someone on here some time ago and finally got round to using it in my 386 (or try to use it). Problem is, the card isn't found by the drivers. It just says: No GUS found. So uhm, is this card dead and a just a nice (rather expensive) display piece or is there anything I might attempt to get it working again. There's no physical damage to the card that I can see or find, not even any of the caps look weird. And well, since the card was sold to me as "untested but came from a working PC" I don't believe there could be much wrong with it. Could recapping do the trick? Or is that just a waste of time/effort (since it's got quite some caps on the board). Also, is there anything I can test on those cards? Like, with a multimeter or anything (sorry, not too much experience with this but I do have soldering skills and if I know what I have to read out on a cap or detect a short I can actually find it).

    Thing is, you don't see too many GUS Classics here in Holland so would like to save it (my first sound card was the all mighty GUS Max with 1MB on board and that's still working fine in my 486 since 1994)... I saw the one listed here for 40USD and that would be awesome but it's in the US otherwise I'd have that in no time (eBay prices are crazy, 300+ USD for a GUS card)

    Thanx for your time and help!
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    Set the address jumper at the bottom of the card to 240h and then try the installation program again. You might have a resource conflict. (You will sacrifice some Sound Blaster compatibility options if the port is moved to 240h, but since the Sound Blaster emulation is not very good, it's no big loss.)
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