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Thread: NEC Powermate Portable APC IV. Need some advice.

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    Default NEC Powermate Portable APC IV.

    First NEC system for me. Had trouble at first with a complete teardown of this system, but have since resolved the situation. Hunting for a good battery alternative to the Panasonic BR-E3.

    If any of you ever need disk images for this system let me know. I have all the original disks that came with the system.

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    After working on this machine for the last 12 hours it is easily one of the absolute worst designed pieces of hardware I have ever had the pleasure of working on. The placement of wires and how it disassembles is completely absurd. If you ever work on one of these you will quickly understand what I mean. Anyway, slowly getting this thing back together after a thorough cleaning.
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    Finally got the NEC 20MB MFM drive working again. Luckily this system came with all of its original docs considering there are a huge amount of dip switches on the back of this unit and it would be near impossible to decipher without them. This system was barely used. The exterior has some minor warts, but the internals look factory new.


    ZIF socket 286-10
    Switchable speeds via the keyboard between 8MHz & 10MHz (CTRL-ALT-minus key on numeric keypad)
    Many configurable options via dip switches
    Can use a CGA or EGA external monitor via a switch on the side
    Many adjustments on how the monochrome LCD monitor interprets color
    Excellent side to side active cooling
    Great keyboard


    LCD monitor not the brightest in the world and only has a contrast control
    Disassembly can be a mild nightmare (to change the CMOS battery you almost have to tear it completely down)
    CMOS settings via NEC setup disk only
    Max size 3" disk drive supported is a 720K, but it does support a 1.2MB external 5" drive (good luck finding one)

    Specs on mine:

    286 10MHz
    640K RAM
    720K Floppy

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