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Thread: PDP-11 Hack complete

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    Quote Originally Posted by smp View Post
    Congratulations on your success! The photos look very nice.

    So, what do you anticipate the price will be for a fully assembled and tested bundle?


    I plan to publish the project, also I'm willing to give away some of the prototype boards. With dirtypcbs you always get 10 but in fact I always only use one of each (be warned they all have minor errors, these are prototype boards, errata will be made available). So it is something only for the brave and adventurous

    Quote Originally Posted by acollins22 View Post
    That looks so cool.

    Well done on putting this together.

    Who'll be first to build a PDPortable? Think portable like the first Compaq/luggable.


    The whole thing weights about half a kilo, is about 10cmx10cmx15cm big and draws less than 1A at 5Volts. So the size of a Compaq Portable III or IV can be easily achieved, just need to add one of my small VT100 emulator projects to it.

    Quote Originally Posted by 8008guy View Post
    Really impressive job peter! You took it much further than I was inclined too.

    Perhaps I will go even further. This setup is in fact only the absolute minimum for a decent system. MSCP and DELQA are still on the wish list.

    Quote Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
    This is awesome work. Well done. I’d love to build one if I had fewer than 2 dozen projects in the queue...

    I perfectly know what you mean. But that's life. That is also the reason that this project (see wish list above) will now be put a little bit on-hold.

    Quote Originally Posted by jdreesen View Post
    Very nice...Please consider exhibiting this at the next VCFE/CH in Zurich, on 24 & 25 November 2018

    I haven't seen the date being announced so far. But good to know it is planned for the 24th & 25th, I'll reserve the date and make the system ready for Zürich.


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    Servus Peter,

    did you plan to publish the schematics of your pdp11/p ?

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    I will, once I find the time to start my own home-page.


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