This begins to level the game field.

Don't be fooled by initial reactions to this setup. It is the only the beginning.

From a FB post of mine.
I posted the leaked picture of the Xbox Adaptive controller. I had nothing more to say than "holy god" because it just looked like a giant pair of buttons and had no idea what the heck just two buttons had to do with accessibility.

It's more than that. I am glad to have read that this is just a base unit and it adapts a plethora of gaming or non gaming accessibility devices to the main board.

I have played on Playstation for many years and it irks me that the PS4 lacks all kinds of features that the Xbox One does have such as backwards compatibility.

My plans to get a PS4 eventually have stymied now. I wasn't making fun of physically disabled gamers with my post. There's lots of PS4 exclusive games coming out I wanted to play that aren't on Xbox One.