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True, true. HAM clubs are a fine idea, for sure.
If anyone wants to see just how badly I botched this, here are some photos.
Yes, cutting the chip off and then just extracting the pin nubs with a Weller soldering iron and a Snort is the way we do it. De-soldering stations were about a grand back when I started working on electronics, so, you got good using the run-of-the-mill tools.

We've repaired boards much more damaged than that before. I remember fixing a custom CAD system once where we had to fill a hole in the board with G-10 epoxy and rebuild the area using stick-on copper traces and socket vias. Then we had to rebuild a custom encapsulated array with discrete components in a formed clear laminate epoxy.

We also once fixed a bad seal on a Calcomp 9000 tape drive cabinet with chewing gum LOL.