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Thread: Dell Inspiron 8000

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    Quote Originally Posted by lyonadmiral View Post
    I had a Latitude C840 way back in the day as well, I think the Inspiron equivalent of that was the 8200. Beastly machines for the day.
    Yep, the C840 and 8200 are internally the same machine. I have an 8200 and I love it. It’s my favorite Windows XP/P4 laptop.

    I agree, these were very high-end mobile workstations in their day. These things are wonderful to play the original Half-Life on as well I’m not a “gamer” by any means, but there are a select few games (HL1 being one of them) that I like a lot.

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    I have went ahead and rebuilt the Inspiron 8000 that you see in the OP with a Windows ME/XP dual-boot. I had previously decided not to run XP on these, but it runs so good I have decided to revert back to it.

    A lot of people say that XP SP3 is too much for a Pentium III, but it has never really been an issue for me. I imaged a copy of Windows XP RTM once, and intalled it on my Inspiron 8100 expecting an enormous difference, but it really wasn't. I think it booted a *little* quicker, but other than that it felt the same to me.

    Also, since my other Inspiron 8000 didn't like the 900MHz CPU, I have installed into this one. Works great. Not sure why the other doesn't like it.

    And I still haven't replaced the screen on this one! I have an NOS UXGA panel I'm watching on ebay that I'll probably get. I'm not sure if an UltraSharp UXGA+ panel from an Inspiron 8200 would work in one of these, but I'm pretty sure these video boards in these machines have an LCD whitelist, so there's a good chance it probably wouldn't.

    I also haven't yet upgraded the memory. It still has 256MB. I had kinda put this 8000 in storage and had been using my other one instead, but I decided to pull this one back out yesterday.

    I should also add that ME runs great on here! This is the first time I have run ME on a really high-end computer, and it actually feels quite nice. This particular Inspiron 8000 actually did come with ME originally, as it has a Windows Millennium Edition COA on the bottom.

    Another upgrade I may do is replace the ATi M4 with an Nvidia GeForce2GO that I have from a dead Inspiron 8100 I found at goodwill. It doesn't have as much VRAM (16MB versus the 32MB of the M4), but I still think it would yield better performance, as it's a newer GPU.
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    Okay, I installed the GeForce2GO and it does indeed perform better than the M4 did. Very happy with this upgrade.

    I have also bought an NOS UXGA panel that I will be installing in this machine.

    Next step will be upgrading the RAM to 512MB.

    I was initially going to replace the dual-fan assembly, but it's actually in pretty good shape in this particular laptop. They don't grumble and slow-down like the ones in my Inspiron 8200 sometimes do.
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