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    I have the chance to buy a "working" G3 Beige desktop (not tower), with cd/floppy, matching monitor, keyboard, and mouse with color printer, 56k external modem, and I believe OS 9 installed. He's asking 150.00. Is that too much? The machine could use a good cleaning and retrobrite is some spots.


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    That's about $100 too much for a Beige G3 desktop + Monitor that needs work. They're probably basing it off unrealistic eBay prices. If it was a mint condition 300MHz tower model with all the original boxes, then I could see $150.

    If you're looking for a Classic PowerMac tower, then I'd recommend the "Quick Silver" G4.

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    The Beige G3 towers are in demand but the desktops not so much. I would guess a complete system with software might be worth $100 in Minnesota depending on condition. Does it look like somebody purchased this new and kept it stored in their house or did somebody find this on a curb and is trying to flip it?
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    It's an estate sale. Maybe I'll stop back the last day and offer $50.00 if its still there. Thanks for the input. I assumed 150 was out of line, but i'm sure they are open to offers. If its gone by then, I really don't need any more projects right now anyway.


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