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Thread: Has anyone ever installed a floppy emulator(Gotek or HXC)in a commodore floppy drive?

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    Incidentally other computers that use quads operate fine with dd disks. There lilely is no reason a dd disk won't work.
    I can only advice you: use quads in a 1001 or 8x50. Some DDs work fine but others don't. I have worked with quite some DDs that seem to work fine but the next day (parts of) these DDs were not readable anymore.
    With kind regards / met vriendelijke groet, Ruud Baltissen

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    All I can say is when I received my sfd-1001 the caps were fine. I replaced them anyway as I read they were a major failpoint for the drive. The drive listens to commands, seeks, communicates with my pet or zipfloppy, but it doesnt format or read any of my floppy disks.


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