Well, normally I'd ask on Nekochan for this kind of thing, but since it's down at the moment: I have an HP Visualize C200 PA-RISC workstation I just got around to doing a fresh install of HP-UX 11.11 on. I had to track down an EVC-to-VGA converter to go with the video card, and while it does display a picture, the entire screen has a yellow tint and areas that are predominantly blue are closer to black, so it seems like the blue channel has been cut out. I got three EVC adapters in a lot, all apparently identical, and the same behavior occurs with all of them. My question is, is there any tricky business with the EVC standard where I might have gotten a subtly-incompatible adapter that would cause this? Or is this more likely an issue with the video card itself, or a software issue on HP-UX's end?