I have a Toshiba T3100SX which I managed to fry the motherboard of, probably by accidentally shorting a power line. Figuring out what's wrong is beyond my knowledge (which is a shame as it's probably fairly simple).

However the case is fine, the keyboard is fine, and the antique neon gas plasma screen is fine, and the case is big enough that I could probably fit a dozen Raspberry Pis (or similar) in there.

The screen pinout is in the maintenance manual, and it looks like a conventional STN LCD:


The timing's probably VGA, so making this work either using a traditional LCD controller chip or by bitbanging it with a microcontroller (I like the Cypress PSoC ones as they have a simplified FPGA on board, lots of I/O pins, and run at 5V).

Before I start soldering, has anyone done anything this? Does anyone know of datasheets for the display, or other gas plasma display? Are there any additional timing issues that I should read up on first?