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Thread: Value for old PC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenhello View Post
    I had to put in anew power supply, the original one died.
    I'm hoping you kept it. New owner would likely repair the original to keep it looking original.

    All original model A with boxes/software etc would be worth a pretty penny.
    Outside my price range for sure.
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    The original parts PS, original plastic clip to fill in that RS232 hole in the back are seriously important.

    Are the drives one sided or two?

    What is the bios number?

    Photo of the MB showing RAM size and switches.

    Photo of other boards in the system.

    Photos of the drives.

    You may have a rare early system; however, many were modified and hacked worth a lot less. I'm guessing as it sits $500 if it can be put back to original specs with original boxes substantially more.

    If it got upgraded to double sided drives and a 256K MB then $200 unless someone wants the boxes. The more original the higher the value. I've seen a perfect one hit $3000+ a couple years ago but I'v seen many nice ones under $1000.

    Your pictures are very poor quality.


    Has it been sold?


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