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    Hi all,

    I'm Jim and I have had a fascination with vintage computing since you could buy a 486 in the shops. My main area of interest is what is probably considered modern tech on here (286, 386, 486 and even the odd early Pentium).

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    Hello Jim and welcome. Do you have any vintage hardware of your own? Any issues or projects that are uppermost in your mind? You'll find lots of knowledge, advice and opinions in the forum topics here.


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    Welcome. I sometimes work on these.
    Rick Ethridge

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    Hi all, sorry for the late reply. For some reason I thought it'd be a good idea to register on a forum and then go on holiday

    clh333, I do have a selection of laptops ranging from 486 to Pentium III. At the moment my main issue is trying to get the sound working on a PII Sony Vaio (PCG-N505SN), all audio drivers are installed but in true Vaio fashion getting all the utilities installed is a nightmare. The audio issue appears to be related to the hot keys not working correctly. It doesn't help that Sony have removed anything relating to laptops shipped with Windows 98 so I am reliant on third party sources. Other than that I have been attempting to rebuild a floppy drive from an ex BT (British Telecoms) Zenith 486 laptop. It came to me completely dead and so far I have resurrected it and given it a fresh install of Dos 6.22 and Win 3.1 but alas the floppy drive does not want to read anything.

    The drive was positioned directly above the CMOS battery so suffered from corrosion in the motor and controller board, thankfully I had a spare working floppy drive with similar internals from an old IBM thinkpad, the drive starts to read and then fails, I now believe the ribbon cable may be at fault.


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