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Thread: Zenith 433LNC+ laptop won't boot from HDD

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    Default Zenith 433LNC+ laptop won't boot from HDD

    Hi all,

    I have a Zenith 433LNC+ (486 33MHz if you didn't guess by the model)

    When powered on it will boot into BIOS but attempting to boot anything results in an error, the FDD drive appears to be completely dead as it makes no noise attempting to boot from it (not too fussed about that one for the mo). If I put in a known working hard drives with Dos/Win3.11 out of another laptop it refuses to boot from the HDD, insisting on a boot floppy.

    As far as I am aware, all 486 based computers should be capable of booting from HDD. Has anybody else come across this kind of error, especially if it's on a Zenith computer? What would be the best plan of action to get this laptop to boot?


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    You state that it will boot into the BIOS...what is the configuration (Time/date, drive configurations (floppy & HDD), boot order)? Likely if it's been sitting the first thing would be to change the BIOS/CMOS battery out, then reconfigure the BIOS to their proper settings. If no-go then, there's likely some hardware failure(s).


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