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Thread: New game for CP/M, CP/J ...

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    Default New game for CP/M, CP/J ...

    So basically this a new game for CP/J, which should work with machines that have CP/M 2.2. In zip there are files for game(You can create Your own floppies), which are required by game. To open use .com file. In dsk there is a .IMG file(raw dump of floppy) which is a an floppy image for Elwro 800 Junior and CP/J. I don't known if I posted this message in good section, but maybe You will enjoy it.

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    Any chance of some more information about the game and some screen shots?

    I had never heard of CP/J before, it sounds quite interesting particularly JUNET.

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    Game is in text mode, and use mainly letter characters...

    CP/J is Polish version of CP/M 2.2 with network added capabilities. BTW: sorry for my English. The main reason for local network was high price of floppy drives and printers. While Elwro 800 Jr had 2 modes - one Spectrum(mainly used for games and Basic programming) and CP/J. There are programs made for this computer, that run in CP/J and like graphics editor,are in graphics mode not text mode. In CP/J mode You can use LOGO , even sent from one main computer to other that may(but there is a possibility to connect) don't have any other devices, except for Junet cables. Fun fact - the original cables don't work well, cables made from modern Ethernet cables works better. The main computer(usually teacher one) can browse all files, and even see what user are doing on other computer (thanks to CP/J). But bad that Junet is not stable . CP/J also have GSJ library - GSX like, as far as i remember there are at least drivers for screen and plotter. The other thing is that there is an ISA card for x86, that supports Junet. Maybe even(somebody was saying...) support using modem connections from x86 side, but sadly author lost software(floppies not working)... On Elwro 800 Jr to turn CP/J You have to press Ctrl. Next alt + "DOS" key. Sounds familiar? Yes it is called DOS , despite the same company Elwro made x86 more or less compabitible computers like rare Elwro 800 or mass produced Elwro 801AT.

    While Elwro 800 Jr started in Basic mode, the next computer which was mainly for home user - Elwro 804 Jr PC (yes "PC" , but it is more or less compabitible with Z80) started in CP/J mode. This is also the reason while Elwro 804 often have "well-used" B button (just You had at start to press it to turn to Basic mode and use Spectrum games ). Have CP/J (probably more newer version, rather more similar to CP/M 3), but don't have Junet ports(usual serial instead), and built in 3,5 floppy drive. But 804 wasn't mass produced - it was to late for Polish market(most people had probably Atari then) and is quite rare. I don't known why, maybe for polit. reasons they don't sold it on more eastern market. Maybe also because of cost of produce - Elwro 800 Jr have very good keyboard, on reed switches if I remember.


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