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Thread: Roland DG Computer Monitor?

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    Default Roland DG Computer Monitor?

    Hello folks,
    I have a quick question for the forums here. I recently came across some older electronics while clearing out my childhood home, and I came across a Roland DG model CB-141 monitor. I care barely remember the old computer, but I believe it was hooked up to an apple II+ at some point in its lifetime. I was under the impression that Roland is mainly (exclusively?) musical gear, and I can find almost zero information on it out there. Basically I'm curious if its a sellable piece and worth the hassle of shipping, or not? It does power on, but thats about all the effort I have put into it thus far.

    Any information is greatly appreciated!

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    Roland DG (Digital Group) made a ton of peripherals for home PCs in the '80s - printers, plotters, monitors, MIDI interfaces, sound modules, etc. They also sold home PC type stuff under the Amdek name. AFAIK you can still buy Roland plotters & high-end commercial printing gear.

    Some of their own musical gear could also be hooked up to a monitor. Is this the one you have?

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    I had meant to snap a few pictures of it while I was there earlier, but forgot and got caught up in other things. It looks similar to that one, but model CB-141. There is also a slider control on the front.

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    It powers on to static but I don't really have anything to actually connect it to at that location to check its usability. Without a doubt it would need a cleaning. Is this piece worth an attempt to sell and ship? Or is it simply better off retired in a free recycling drop off? Thanks.
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