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Thread: Toshiba Dynabook V486FV - looking for audio drivers

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    Default Toshiba Dynabook V486FV - looking for audio drivers

    This laptop has an integrated audio card (detected as Adlib) but I can't properly install it in DOS
    It works with generic Adlib drivers but the sound is extremely silent and mixed with some noise. Once uninstalled, the sound disappears completely

    I haven't found the western model corresponding to my Dynabook (the closest is Satellite T1950CT but it has no audio card)
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    Wow that's so cool! I've never seen Cyrillic Win3x or that sort of Toshiba.

    There are lots of hardware identification programs for DOS like HWINFO: (DOS version is on the right), perhaps one of those could help instead of trying to figure it out by model?
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    That's a real japanese one now I've already peeled the stickers from the keyboard

    It seems that is a hardware problem - the mono amplifier seems to be destroyed. The good thing is they are cheap. Gonna replace it soon.



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