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Thread: Ladder and Catchum on Apple II

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    Default Ladder and Catchum on Apple II


    So I am running CP/M 2.2 on my Apple IIe with the SoftCard

    I managed to use CPMTOOLS to copy Ladder and Catchum over to an Apple format CP/M disk image, which I then loaded to my actual system. However they games have an issue where it doesn't seem to print characters in the correct spots. For example, Ladder looks like this:


    I've attached he config file also. Does anyone have any idea on how I may get this to work properly on Apple II?


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    This won't help other than to let you know the behaviour is elsewhere, but at the weekend I discovered Ladder does that on my Grundy Newbrain too - UK home computer history
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    Looks like a mismatched terminal type. Probably different flavors of Apple II CP/M differ to some extent also...


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