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    Evening...I acquired a SparcStation 2 today, and found to my surprise it has a Sun PC Accelerator 486/DX 25 card !!!
    I dont suppose anyone would know where I could get the SunPC software (dont mind whatever version) just to have a play with ?


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    I haven't found it yet -- I'm hoping that I can as I have one as well. I have a lot of documentation and media from the former owner, but so far nothing for the PC Accelerator.

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    If anyone comes across this please let me know.
    I have some SunPCI and SunPC boards I'd love to get running.

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    Ooh...there were some folks over on Nekochan who supplied the SunPC software to a few users when the topic came up, but I can't remember who and Nekochan's gone now :/ I think I have the SunPC-II software around somewhere, but not the software for the original...
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    I have an original ISO of SunPC 4.1, happy to share if we have a place to upload.

    I would very much like help finding a copy of SunPC 4.2, so perhaps I can enlist a few of you to assist in that quest

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    Your wish is granted
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    Fantastic!!! Thank you !!!


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