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Thread: Gutte Microvax II

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    For goodness sake, go buy some castors at Harbor Freight instead of stealing them off a BA213! You know with the coupon you can buy one of the $7.99 furniture dollies and get four really heavy duty castors.

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    I have a Harbor Freight dolly. It'll be destroyed. I have a really nice set of casters, off some cabinet that I may have acquired with the Mvax. I haven't looked at it in a while, I'm hjust assuming they're ook for thr job.

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    Gonna come up and see me big fella? The item would ship from 07731 or 08005. Maybe. That's if by usps. I'll only drive it somewhere else to be dropped off if my gas is recompensed. Everyone else is such a tightwad these days, I may as well be too. Iinm I just spoke in ebonics.


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