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Thread: Trade: IBM Model 53 486SLC2 PS/2, 8 and 16-bit ISA RAM cards, CompatiCard IV, etc.

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    Talking Trade: IBM Model 53 486SLC2 PS/2, 8 and 16-bit ISA RAM cards, CompatiCard IV, etc.


    I'm doing some spring cleaning, and have set aside some items I wish to trade. Everything listed here recently passed basic testing.
    Photos of the cards are below, I'll have to take photos of the Model 53 486SLC2 at a later date.


    PC hardware
    Acculogic RAMpAT! for AT systems (not 8-bit compatible)
    Cirrus Logic CL-GD5401 VGA card (8-bit compatible)
    CompatiCard IV (ROM v1.02)
    IBM EGA card with RAM upgrade daughterboard, full 128KB
    IBM Model 53 486SLC2 (desktop PS/2 computer)
    Intel Inboard with full 2MB RAM
    Orchid RamQuest XT/AT
    Trackstar 128 with disk drive cables (Apple II clone on PC ISA card)


    PC hardware
    Covox Sound Master
    Gravis Ultrasound Extreme
    IBM 3D Sound PCMCIA
    Innovation SSI-2001
    Media Vision Audio Port (parallel port sound card)
    Portable Sound Plus (parallel port sound card)
    Sound Blaster CT-3900
    Tandy Sensation! model 25-1650
    Trackstar Plus / Trackstar E (Apple II clone on PC ISA card)

    Apple II hardware
    Microsoft Premium Softcard
    Applied Engineering Phasor (sound card)

    PC software
    Fatal Encounter (1993 fighting game for DOS, released in Australia: prefer complete (box + disks + manual) but will also take incomplete (i.e. box + manual, box only, manual only)
    Quadram Quadcolor II driver and BASIQ disk(s), fully working

    Also listed elsewhere.



    WANTED: Covox Sound Master, IBM 3D Sound PCMCIA
    Please contact me if you have either of these for sale! Thanks.

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    I don't have any of the items you want to trade, but if you decide to sell the PS/2, I may be interested.


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