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Thread: Ebay miscategorizations

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    Oh wow that new "similar item" page is bad. Totally useless for one-off items like most vintage computing items. It always shows something that is TOTALLY unrelated, simply because there usually isn't another one like it listed.

    And it even shows that page when I browse sold items and click items, such as from

    It is a pretty "duh" thing that no one would WANT to see a different item in this case.

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    I seen the same thing when I was searching for Color Computer there was pages and pages not a thing to do with Color Computer. If it don't stop I will have to somewhere else if there is a place.
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    Another annoying recent development is that eBay seems to be making changes to the search results page: sometimes you'll get the "old" version (with black listing dates and larger page number buttons) and sometimes you'll get the new version (with grey listing dates and smaller page number buttons) from page to page in a search. The thing is that this somehow has been throwing off exactly which page a group of listings is shown on (with the results ordered by "newest first" or similar!), so that the results might skip ahead too far or jump back when advancing one page.

    At least the new "similar item" thing with completed listings allows you to still reach the completed listing by clicking the word "listing" in the banner... for now.

    By the way, since the subject was mentioned earlier, you should be able to configure what types of email eBay sends you in "Communication Preferences" under the Account tab in My eBay.

    And I usually use the "Wish List" instead of the Watch List for keeping track of items both in an effort to avoid increasing the likelihood of an item of interest showing up in eBay's item recommendation lists, and because it still allows me to archive listings to another list to get around the max-200 listing limit for individual lists (eBay removed that functionality from the Watch List some time ago).


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