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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Jake and I'm doing an internship this summer working on historic technology ranging from the early 70s through the late 90s. Since I was about 12 I have always loved taking apart, rebuilding, and saving old tech! I learned most of what I know from my older brother who is doing his grad work in historic computing at SFU.

    The end goal of my internship is to establish a historic computing lab with functioning and interactive computers for all the students at my university. I have mostly been rebuilding, cleaning, and reprogramming computers, printers, and a couple gaming consoles. I am very interested in the subject of historic technologies and hope to contribute some helpful/interesting information to the community as well as get some help on some of the more archaic pieces I am working on!

    So far I have about 30 computers, mostly Mac Classics, Plus, and Se's as well as some Zeniths, an Atari 1040 (with original monitor and mouse!!), two TRS-80 Coco 2's, and 8 computers that have 50%~80% of their components but I cannot identify. I really want to immerse myself in the subject and expand my knowledge of these old computers so I can get them all working and start drawing up schematics for others to use.

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    That sounds like a great Idea. I'm curious to know how your brother turned vintage computing into grad work. What's that a PhD? I've always wondered if I could do something similar. At any rate a "historic computing lab" sounds to be very useful, though I would expect funding for it would be rather difficult as it is a niche subject.
    Looking for: OMTI SMS Scientific Micro Systems 8610 or 8627 ESDI ISA drive controller, May also be branded Core HC, Please PM me if you want to part with one.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    p.s. you can always post pictures of unknown objects here. We have a plethora of members with different skillsets to help you identify them.

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    Those mentioned are all personal computers, mostly microcomputers. If you want to be inclusive, consider some of the big iron of 70s. There was a lot of it.

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    Sounds like me! Keep going and don't lose your enthusiasm.
    Rick Ethridge

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    Hi Jake. Welcome to the forums! Hopefully you'll get some IBM compatible stuff in your collection too.
    WANTED: Cardinal 2450MNP modem.

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    He did his masters in history, focusing on WWII era politics, which then lead him to find and work with some of the people at the bletchley park museum! From there I believe he found a professor to work under for his PhD.
    Funding for this assignment was (and is) pretty hard to come by haha
    We've done a couple presentations already! More to come mid July if all goes well!

  8. Post Thanks for the warm welcome!

    I'm excited to post some of the computers I have here! By end of day I should have some interesting challenges to present!


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