This is the machine used in my earlier post on testing dialup modems across a line simulator. It's also the one that had the protective cover removed from the cache controller, written up here:

16 MB RAM installed in four 4 MB SIMMs, so that upgrades are easier and the provided RAM doesn't have to be replaced. The original SUN0424 hard disk was dead, and was replaced with a Micropolis 3243 4.3 GB SCSI drive -- the drive is 4.3 GB but I labeled it as a SUN2.1G since I didn't have the parameters handy. It can be relabeled to use the full capacity if desired.

Along with a full install of SunOS 4.1.4, I've applied Sun's Y2K patches for `date` and built/installed GNU Screen and the ircII IRC chat client. Screen allows you to not only have persistent IRC on your vintage SPARC, but also grab the session from logins on telnet, rsh, or a serial terminal attached to one of the serial ports.

The case is a bit yellowed, but not horrible. I tried to make it look as bad as possible in the "from the top" pictures. Should be easy to remove with retr0brite, but I typically won't retr0brite machines I know I'm going to sell -- I feel it's like giving an old car a coat of new paint to sell it, not inherently dishonest but not 100% on-the-level, either!