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Thread: Trying to get a non-pnp sound card working for the first time in win3.11

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    Default Trying to get a non-pnp sound card working for the first time in win3.11

    Hello guys, I have a Crystal CS4231-KL non-pnp sound card installed in my Windows 3.11 PC. (It's the same old Gateway 4SX-33 desktop I talk about in my other posts) I just learned how to install sound card drivers in Win3.11. I went to control panel, then drivers, and loaded my 6 driver files from floppy disk. The drivers install great and seem to work, but some sound files, including the win3.11 bootup sound, play in slow-mo and midi won't play. I chose the wrong non-pnp sound card settings... Is there a win3.x software that can detect what settings are matching my card, or do I have to rely on jumpers on the card itself? I also found a post on Vogons that is about the same sound card. I will look at manuals from there soon, once I open up the PC and look at jumpers...
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    So, under win3.11's control panel, the I/O address is 530h. If I change it to any other setting, win3.11 reverts it back. My IRQ is 10 for the sound card, Windows won't let me choose another one besides IRQ 11. DMA channel is at 0... but I can change it to 1 or 3. I did all these things and it solves nothing.. I looked at the card itself and the only real relevant setting jumper is the base address. It is currently jumpered at 22xH, which I guess translates to 220h on win3.11 for Sound Blaster Compatibility. It is currently set to that. What if I change the jumper to the other setting, 24xH? I don't know what else to do other than replace the sound card with another. Do I have a bad sound driver? The card worked perfectly when I had the machine with Windows 95, I used a win95 sound driver for it and it had zero problems. Another thing, if I press the turbo button, audio playback sounds normal speed and pitch. After Windows gets restarted, it goes back to low pitch slow mo. When I tested a game it said to turn off midi mapper, which is not turned on in the first place. It chooses to use the system beep speaker. The beep speaker is not playing in slow mo like the wav audio. The game is Magic School Bus explores the Human body, by the way. I'm running out of ideas. I wish you guys would help me.


    I just changed the jumper to 24xH, and set it to 240h in Windows. Again, no changes. For some reason the driver calls itself C-Media CMI8328, not Crystal CS4231-KL... Do I have the wrong driver? It's the only one I could find for Win3.11. I also wish to mention that under the installed driver list besides the sound card, there is:

    MIDI Mapper
    (MCI) MIDI Sequencer
    (MCI) Sound

    Do I have to remove any of these to make my sound card work? They were installed by Win3.11 by itself when I first installed the OS. I don't want to remove them if they are important. What do you suggest? Please reply, friends.

    I just uninstalled the sound card drivers and i'm going to experiment with my other cards in the meantime. It would be nice if I could get the Crystal CS4231-KL working though...

    EDIT 2:

    Well I should've typed in the label on the main chip. Turns out this card is really a Reveal SC 400 Revision 3.

    I'll try the drivers on Driverguide and see if that will do the trick.
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