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Thread: Win3x Monochrome VGA Display

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    Default Win3x Monochrome VGA Display

    I don't know much about VGA hardware and I'm also curious of the workings of Windows 3.1 display drivers.
    This project was created to help expand my knowledge.

    Since monochrome uses only a single page of memory I thought it might be a good place to start.
    After installing the Windows 3.1 VGA Monochrome driver, I tried to create a simple BitBlt function replacement.
    This example is intended for use with the monochrome VGA driver (vgamono.drv)

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    I’ve used the driver with standard VGA without

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    Thanks for the input, rmay635703.

    I've adjusted my monochrome Bitblt function.

    This version may look better when patched into the display driver,


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