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Thread: Any information on Exorset bus?

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    Default Any information on Exorset bus?

    I have several boards that seem to match the Exorset bus (similar to Exorcisor Bus for the Motorola 6800 boards). I have the Exorcisor info but I can't find the Exorset info.

    Any pointers?

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    Arer you sure that they are different?

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    Yes, the 6809 and the 6800 have a few different control lines. So the bus should differ. I also seem to recall that there were extra address lines on the bus (A16 - A20) even though the 6809 itself can't directly access more than 64k directly. I think the general idea was that an MMU would be used with the 6809.

    I have the Exorcisor info but no luck finding the Exorset manuals. I'll post the bus info on my web site ( ). Nothing there so far.
    I have some hacking to do on a couple of Exorcisor bus CPU boards (CMS 9609 and MIKUL 6809-5)..

    I know Herb but I didn't get to see the Exorset he has. And Herb, I'm jealous.

    I'll ask him about it when I see him next.

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