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Thread: HP Logic Analzyer 1615A

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    Default HP Logic Analzyer 1615A

    I have a HP Logic Analyzer 1615A. It powers on and the display comes on and appears to show errors. I have no idea how to test this. It includes a bag with testing instruments. No idea really how to price this. I've seen and heard of them going for anywhere between $1,000 and $8,000.IMG_4147.jpgIMG_4150.jpgIMG_4151.jpg

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    I doubt you're going to see anywhere near $1000 for one of these. In general, older logic analyzers don't go for much. Do you have the probes and pods for it? Those are usually worth more than the analyzer.

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    "Asking" is not the same as "getting".

    I've been amazed at how fast offers far below the asking price on some piece of gear are accepted. Some of it is knowing the seller--if it's a liquidation outfit, they'll often take just about any offer on a piece of equipment rather than turning it over for scrap value. These people depend on moving inventory quickly to make their money. To paraphrase Andrew Carnegie, a kept item is as a stinking fish.

    And Sellerc, if you don't have the (working) pods for the thing, then you've got an expensive night light. You'll be lucky to get $50 for it, as it's pretty much useless as a logic analyzer.

    I've ranted before on this one--eBay sellers selling logic analyzers without pods and saying "fully functional". Uh-huh--how do they know? Because the CRT lights up when you turn it on?
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    It does have all of the probes in a leather bag attached to the unit.


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