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Thread: DEC and NEC printers for sale

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    Default DEC and NEC printers for sale

    I have a couple of printers for sale -- one Digital dot-matrix and the other a NEC Spinwriter "daisy wheel" style. Both clatter and make ink on paper -- but I didn't setup a proper system with a driver to print legible test pages, I sent ascii to it from Linux and got some response.

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    might be an idea to at least add your state to your profile, then we can quickly where stuff you have for sale is. I also think you are being optimistic about what people will pay for printer that are not properly tested.

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    Nice printers. Kinda pricey though. If you were close by and I didn't have to pay shipping then I'd buy the daisy wheel for half that. But the cost ends up being enormous and way over the top with shipping costs. Remember that the actual cost is what matters to the buyer.
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    I've been flogging daisywheel printers for years. About the only way I've found to get rid of them is to toss them in with other stuff. My AT&T unit went when I tossed it in with a 6300 and a TRS80 Model 16 I gave away last year. I tried to include a NEC Spinwriter, but no luck.

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    Good idea, I updated my profile to show I am in Austin Texas. I do travel for work so meeting someone in Houston, San Antonio, or Dallas is potentially possible, if we are strategic about scheduling it.

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    I'm paying for the shipping on the ebay auctions, so the price you see is what you pay. Well, I thought I was, I had to revise the Spinwriter auction, but it's now set to buyer-pays shipping. I'm thinking I might end up just breaking even or a little behind, but I'd hate to see these things get tossed.

    If they don't sell on ebay, I'll contact you and see if we can at least keep one or both of them out the landfill somehow.


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