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Thread: Making Boot Disks for Old Macs

  1. Default Making Boot Disks for Old Macs

    I've been reading up on this since I am the proud new owner of a Mac Plus, and I ran across something that indicated that using ADTPro with my GS I could write an 800KB system disk since it's an Apple drive? Is that real or something someone was making up? I need to make some System 6 disks to get this thing going, and eventually get a SCSI hard drive for it.

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    I never thought about using ADTPro to make Macintosh 800K disks. I couldn't tell you if it'd work, but it's an interesting idea.

    If you also have a GS, then I'd recommend snagging yourself a FloppyEmu. This will allow you to mount or store disk images on an SD card and easily transfer it between computers. The FloppyEmu should work on everything from the original 128K to the Macintosh II line of computers. It will also work on an Apple IIGS and an Apple II with a 3.5" controller card.

    You can either load disk images and use them as regular floppies, or, you can set it up as an HD20 and copy files to and from the drive. I find it useful in both modes as you can use the HD20 mode in combination with the floppy drive to make actual disks when you need them.

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    I have a CFFA so I never considered a Floppy EMU, but it it works with old Macs, something to thing about. I'm gonna try to make a Mac disk when I get home, it's worth a shot. Will report back!

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    I tried ADT Pro ... and holy wow it worked! I wrote a System Disk for the Pro!


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