My brother worked for DEC for many years as a programmer and collected
some manuals. These will go to ebay if there is no interest here.

Here is what I have:

1) Bound photocopy of RX8/RX11 floppy disk system user's manual
2) Some sort of technical manual for a DN11 with some hw info and programming info (this is a photocopy)
3) Original copy of RK06 disk drive technical description manual (some discoloration on cover, but clean inside)
4) pdp11 EDT Editor Manual (AA-J726A-TC) about 3/4" thick looseleaf pages, this is an original. Oct 1980
5) Original VT132 User Guide, in nice condition
6) Three Original VT100 User Guides, also in nice condition
7) Original TU58 DECtape II User's Guide, also in nice condition
Original VT125 User Guide, also in nice condition

If you have interest in any or all of these items, make us an offer. Shipping will be from Baltimore, MD,
by media mail, unless other arrangements are made.

Thanks, Bob